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Your Consultation and Exam Adjustment

You never need an appointment at SpineAlign Chiropractic in Overland Park, KS.   We allow walk-in services so when we’re open and when it’s convenient for you, it's always a good time to come and see us. Even evenings and Saturdays.   You don't need any insurance nor need a referral to receive chiropractic care at SpineAlign.  
During your first visit, initial paperwork is required to help Dr. Rick gain a better understanding of your health history and current needs.   Dr. Rick will explain how spinal misalignments (subluxations) occur and how chiropractic care is used to correct them.  Dr. Rick will then provide an exam followed immediatley by a consultation and answer questions or concerns you may have prior to your adjustment.

Your Adjustment

After the full exam and consultation, you will be adjusted in an open bay area on a adjusting table. 

While being adjusted you may hear a “popping” sound from your joints.   This is the release of gasses between your joints.   Each adjustment will help place the vertebrae back into proper alignment to restore its proper function.